Welcome to Delbarton.

Prepare to begin

Take a stroll....and note that every photo you see here, unless specified, was taken in our 2015-2016 school year. You are listening to the Delbarton School hymn Be Thou My Vision inspired by Slane, an eighth century Irish folk song

Prepare for blue.

Delbarton has no uniform (khakis and a collared shirt will do) but jackets and ties are worn a dozen or so days a year, often for a Catholic holy day when the school gathers in the Abbey Church. Parents organized a Blazer Exchange where families donate outgrown blazers and pick up a gently used replacements.

Prepare for Green.

Go Green Wave! Delbarton fans come in many shades of our favorite color.
The Delbarton Mothers’ Guild also runs a great virtual store here if you’re running low on green gear.

Prepare to explore.

With 200 acres, Delbarton offers plenty of space to explore. Boys also embrace opportunities to navigate the world. This student experienced an active volcano on a summer 2016 home-building mission in Peru. Read all about Global Delbarton programs here.

Prepare to perform.

Students and visiting thespians collaborate on productions throughout the year in our professionally-equipped Fine Arts Center Theater. Read more about our theater program and see photos of our 2015-16 productions of Midsummer Night’s Dream and Nice Work If You Can Get It.

Prepare for service.

Delbarton has no community service requirement, yet most years 100% of Delbarton students get involved in at least one service project. Many do more. Last Christmas, our goal in a single day was to collect 1200 gifts, 2 apiece for 600 Paterson children. Did we do it? Yes, plus 1,000 extra toys,  and Student Body President Dan Cimaglia '16 (in the brown sweater) later commented, "What other school in the country does this?"

Prepare to create.

Artists welcome: Our 2–year AP Art program is a popular course with junior and senior artists who treat Fine Arts Center art studios as their home away from home. Read about our 2016 AP Art Exhibit Opening Reception.

Prepare to write and speak.

Students acquire excellent writing skills, and some boys flex their writing muscles by producing a digital magazine, a sports publication and the Archway Yearbook. Public speaking and debate are popular too -- read about how Delbarton Forensics fared at Nationals.

Prepare to study.

We take academics seriously. For example, each year Mr. Thompson’s AP European History students reenact the Trial of Louis XVI, and occasionally Louis escapes with his head. How did Louis fare in 2015? Find out here.

Prepare to collaborate.

Teamwork builds close bonds among Delbarton brothers, like these upperclassmen who, on March 11, led their freshman brothers through a Social Justice Workshop of presentations and discussions about the hot topic of climate change.

Prepare to build.

Engineering and robotics are popular -- Delbarton regularly produces award-winning teams in both disciplines -- but so is building using old-fashioned elbow grease. Last summer, these students helped build a school dorm in Tanzania. First step: dig clay to make bricks. Last spring, another group was in West Virginia to repair roofs and install siding. Prepare for callouses.

Prepare to listen.

Guest experts regularly educate students about various topics. On October 28, Frank Gannon, a Delbarton alumnus and Co-Chief Investment Officer at The Royce Funds, spoke to students during an Economics Club presentation.

Prepare for the Church.

Services in the Abbey Church ensure that all boys develop a familiarity with and appreciation of Delbarton’s Judeo-Christian roots. Read here about the first Mass of new school year, and Fr. Edward Seton Fittin ‘82’s  homily inspired by a poster of a turtle: “Behold the turtle who only makes progress when he sticks his neck out”.

Prepare to learn.

Young alumni also return to guest lecture. On March 18, Air Force Academy cadet Ryan Connors ’14 spoke to seniors in Brian Bowers’ Leadership class about his experiences at the military academy where he is president of his class.  The one term Leadership class is a popular required course for seniors.

Prepare to compete.

Yes, sports are big at the home of the Green Wave, and we’ve earned an impressive number of state titles. In 2015 Delbarton won regional and conference titles, and state titles in Soccer, Hockey, Tennis, Lacrosse and Club Rugby. Even if you’re not an athlete, you’re sure to be a fan. (PS…We loved this photo so much we repeated it from last year.)

Prepare to lead.

Delbarton offers countless opportunities to lead, and boys develop the confidence to embrace them. Read about our retreat program. Student leaders run weekend retreats that encourage younger classmates to talk about life’s fundamental questions. Middle Schoolers, juniors and seniors each set aside a day for an off-campus retreat. Our boys also lead others: On October 29, Johnson & Johnson invited members of our Blood Drive service team to share recruitment tips with other NJ high schoolers.

Prepare to travel.

Marcel Proust said “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” From Africa to Australia, Italy, Spain and France, our student travel/exchange programs and service projects offer a dizzying array of options to see the world. We also host virtual exchanges on campus like this Arabic language exchange with a school on the West Bank. Learn more here about Global Delbarton programs here.

Prepare to believe.

We may fall behind, we may even lose, but we never quit. “I believe that we will win!” is a favorite chant in the Green Wave fan zone. In 2016, hurdler Shawn Ohazuruike ’16 had an amazing season thanks to this classic Delbarton spirit. Shawn also won the Princeton Prize in Race Relations…because he believes in other things too.

Prepare to laugh.

Like to laugh? You came to the right place. We are serious about many things, but never take ourselves too seriously.

Prepare to take risks.

At Delbarton, you get respect for taking risks, for leaving your comfort zone, for daring to grow. Try something new, and give it your all. Read about this young Delbarton philanthropist who survived cancer, then started a foundation and raised (so far) over $2 million to support pediatric cancer research.

Prepare to bond.

Boys become friends, friends become brothers. Through college and beyond, friendships formed at Delbarton last a lifetime. Our alumni are brothers forever, and our alumni network is unsurpassed. See favorite 2016 flag pictures here.

Prepare to support.

Delbarton is an adventure for the whole family. Parents, siblings and friends are invited to share in the Delbarton experience. Check out our parent organizations: Delbarton Mothers’ Guild, Delbarton Parents of Graduates and Fathers & Friends.

Prepare to experiment.

We encourage innovation and creative thinkers. Experimenters, entrepreneurs and cerebral risk-takers find a home here. On October 1, Physics teacher Mike McGeough and his students replicated an experiment devised by Galileo Galilei to measure the effect of gravity on free falling bodies. We love labs.

Prepare to invent.

Science teacher Brian Theroux’s students worked with 3-D printing teacher Dave Martin to design and 3-D print a bracket that connects smartphone and microscope to facilitate photographing biology slides. Read more here.

Prepare for brotherhood.

It’s real…and it lives here. Watch the final address in May of our 2016 Student Body President Dan Cimaglia ’16 – a Georgetown freshman this year -- who said it better than we can.

Prepare for Benedictines.

Delbarton is a school in the Lord’s service led by the Benedictine monks of St. Mary’s Abbey. The Rule of St. Benedict is reflected in everything that we do at Delbarton, and each student is encouraged to develop a meaningful relationship with God in his life. While 20% of our students are not Catholic, everyone is taught to understand and respect our Judeo-Christian roots. Fr. Edward’s one term course The Benedictines is a freshman requirement, and Jesse Mazzola’s Religious Studies Middle School course features the hotly contested Mazzola Cup competition.

Prepare to join.

When something big is happening, expect plenty of your Delbarton brothers to be there. Here’s the fan zone (#whiteout) at the June 11 Lacrosse Tournament of Champions final where Delbarton, with a boost from Green Wave fans, won its second state lacrosse title in three years. New chant in 2016: “I’m Green Wave till I die, I’m Green Wave till I die, I know I am, I’m sure I am, I’m Green Wave till I die!”

Prepare to get dirty.

Art students throw pots for the first time. “This has to go better than Calculus,” one said and happily, it did. Read more about Delbarton’s robust music, art and theater programs, which are supported by the Delbarton Arts Council, a consortium of students, parents and teachers brought together in support of the arts at Delbarton.

Prepare to get wet.

Ok, we’re cheating a bit here – this photo and story are from 2015 but we can’t resist repeating them. Our brother school in Ireland Glenstal Abbey challenged us to an Ice Bucket Challenge. Yeah, we can do that…560 times. See video here.

Prepare for sparks… and for great photography.

The atmosphere at Delbarton is electric. Clubs, speakers, contests – there’s always something happening on campus, and our annual Photography Contest – open to students, parents, alumni and faculty -- captures much of the action. This picture by Alex Eichler ’16 was one of our favorites last year. See more 2016 winning images here.

Prepare to be curious.

Are you intellectually curious? You’ll fit right in. Sophomores design and 3-D print mini rockets, then launch them to see which soars highest. Their teacher even invented a smartphone measurement device. Students and faculty vote on the best design and, of equal importance, best (read: wittiest, silliest, 'sickest') name.

Prepare to eat.

Sage Dining serves an impressive lunch every day, plus before and after school snacks to those who choose to partake. And then there are those rogue food opportunities, like the afternoon French Club decided to service homemade crepes with all the trimmings and record number of pancake connoisseurs showed up.  Read more here.

Prepare for beauty.

Delbarton campus is a stunning landscape of rolling hills overlooking historic Washington Valley yet minutes away from downtown Morristown. Guys commonly drop everything to take pictures of sunrises (yes, we have early birds), sunsets and moments in between. Even on a challenging day, like a big test or presentation, you’re surrounded by beauty which somehow makes everything better.

Prepare to assist.

Call it baptism by white water rafting: In September, incoming middle schoolers trek out to the mighty Lehigh River for a day of rafting and bonding where they learn a basic tenant of Delbarton life: we pull together.

Prepare for road trips.

Wall Street, Gettysburg, West Point, The Tenement Museum...show us a good museum or interesting place and we are ready to travel. Read about how one student last fall used his camera to make art at The Met.

Prepare to connect.

Remember that alumni network we told you about? Our graduates are extraordinarily loyal and many join us at receptions around the country like our annual Summer Sizzler party at the Jersey Shore.

Prepare to be coached

Teachers are coaches, coaches are teachers, and everyone cares about you on and off the field. In 2016, Head Lacrosse Coach Chuck Ruebling ’79 earned his 500th win for the Green Wave and players and assistant coaches saluted him with a ‘500’ on the field. Many of our athletes enjoy careers in collegiate sports and beyond. Read about our 2016 college recruits here.

Prepare to celebrate.

At Graduation 2016, newly-minted alumni celebrate Delbarton brotherhood before they moved on to college (see the list) this fall. Most are foresighted enough bring a change of clothes on the big day.

Prepare to belong.

Delbarton becomes a lifelong destination. Many college-age alumni drop their bags off at home on their first Thanksgiving break, then head to Delbarton to meet a friend, check in with a teacher or attend a Green Wave sporting event. Homecoming Day attracts a campus full of students, families and alumni, and symbolizes the connectivity of Delbarton.  See our favorite Homecoming 2015 photos here.

These boys did, and joined the Class of 2020 and the Class of 2022 at Orientation in September 2016.

Prepare yourself.

Free samples: See last year in 3 minutes and 17 seconds, and experience life as a Delbarton freshman in this video written, produced, edited and narrated by Grant Brewster ’17.